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Companies always need to secure their data, devices and their internal networks from penetration attempts and viruses. As it requires a complete control of their network, in terms of allowing their employees to access certain locations, or preventing them from entering particular sites, as: Facebook, YouTube…Etc during work hours. And also, to control the types of files that the employee can download from the Internet in order to preserve the devices from any penetration attempts.
The most popular types of firewalls that we are dealing with:
  1. 1 - Palo Alto
  2. 2 - CISCO ASA Firepower
  3. 3 - Sophos
  4. 4 - Fortigate
  5. 5 - Juniper SRX
  6. 6 - F5
  7. 7 - SonicWALL
As well as, we secure and protect the interior hardware of the company through Antivirus programs whether they are related to the firewall device or other programs like: Eset, Kaspersky.
One of the most essential things inside any company is the circular backup operations, to maintain and keep a data backup copy for retrieval in case of damaging the original version, because of, some factors that may occur (as a result of a penetration from some Encryption viruses as Ransomware virus) in the hardware or software devices.
We install the physical protection devices for the companies to prevent the strangers' login attempts, by eye or finger print devices
This service is provided by our company to test if there are any possibilities of penetrating the interior network or the main website of the company, to preserve the safety and privacy of the company's data, and to work on solving any applicable gaps
Our company provides the establishing of networks services for companies and institutions. Such as, routers and switches devices. Also, it carries out the extending and the connecting of cables operations (Passive/Civil operations). Besides, it works on the required preparations for the routers and switches devices and installing the security cameras
It’s a provided service of establishing a complete telephony system for the company in order to outreach the employees with the intranet of the internet. Thus, it would reduce the calls consumption and depend on the internet service that exists. It also provides the IVR and hotline services ... etc
Companies need to divide its staff separately according to their departments, such as: HR, sales, IT, Accounting …etc. Each department has its own work. So, the devices are divided according to the departments to facilitate the ability of controlling the power granted for the department's employees, depending on the needs of the section. Such as allowing access to certain sites, as sending emails, or preventing access to certain sites also, attempts to download software, games on the work devices
Among the most famous systems:
  1. 1 - Microsoft Windows Server
  2. 2 - Linux
the possibility of preparing data center for companies, in terms of preparing the setting, setting up the devices and racks by preparing and connecting them
The company provides training courses including the identification of all kinds of devices and the services
Technical support services for all the mentioned services, including, editing, installing, and supplying devices
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